Top 10 Reasons to Vote Mike Mayou


Mike is Sierra Club endorsed — With just 12 years to address our climate crisis, we need candidates willing to stand up to the fossil fuel companies and fight for our future. Mike is ready to bring a Green New Deal to Duluth.


Mike is the only At-Large candidate committed to a $15/hr minimum wage for all workers — As a former retail worker at Duluth Trading Co. and Super One, Mike understands the impact of poverty wages and is committed to ensuring all Duluthians make a living wage.


Mike is a former union member and was raised by a union family — his dad is a letter carrier. Mike was a proud UFCW member while working at Super One. One of Mike’s earliest political memories was fighting with his dad to save 6-day delivery in Duluth.


He has been active in the biggest progressive fights in our city — from passing Earned Sick and Safe Time to the Homeless Person’s Bill of Rights, Mike has been there for nearly every important fight in our movement.


His campaign is about bringing new voices into the process — he has been actively engaging communities who don’t typically vote in our local elections. In the last month, Mike and his team have knocked over 15,000 doors to turnout new voters.


Mike is the only At-Large candidate endorsed by the Minnesota DFL — he is committed to growing the party for all of us and making room for young people, queer people, people of color, and Indigenous communities in our party.


Mike is an organizer — whether organizing his fellow students to get out and vote or engaging people about the rights of our lake and surrounding environment, Mike knows how to bring people together to develop collective solutions.


He’s invested in Duluth’s vibrant art community — Mike has worked at KMUD, a local radio station, for the last several years. He knows local music is good for our culture and our economy.


Mike is endorsed by movement organizations — TakeAction Minnesota, Outfront Minnesota, Clean Water Action, Minnesota Young DFL, and Stonewall DFL all endorsed Mike because their members believe in his vision — our vision — of a Duluth that everyone can afford and we fight for our future.


He will bring a forward thinking vision to our city — The crises of today are too urgent to wait. Mike has a vision for a Duluth where we all can thrive — where workers earn a living wage, renters aren’t displaced, and we save our planet for every generation to come.

Get Involved

Vote for Mike this Tuesday, November 5th at your polling place.