Top 5 Reasons to Vote Mayou

Mike Mayou talking to people


Mike has deep-roots in Duluth and is committed to our community.

As a lifelong Duluthian and long-time organizer, Mike is devoted to making Duluth a safe, accessible, and welcoming place for all. Mike’s work supporting postal workers and their unions, the Homeless Person’s Bill of Rights Coalition, Duluth for Education, Duluth for Clean Water, and others showcases some of his vast experience working throughout our community. 


Mike envisions a sustainable future for Duluth with economic opportunities for all.

Mike believes we, as a community, need to protect our parks, natural green spaces, watersheds, and ecosystems across the city of Duluth. Everyone should have access to clean air, clean water, and accessible greenspace. Mike will fight for economic sustainability in Duluth through working to pass a local $15 minimum wage and protecting Earned Sick and Safe Time. Mike believes workers should have the ability to easily attain stable jobs with livable wages.

Mike Mayou and supporters at a city park


Mike shows up!

Mike has a proven track-record of showing up, committing to understanding the issues, and having conversations to expand his understanding. Mike is dedicated to learning about the issues that affect everyday Duluthians, from workers’ rights to disability rights, and using those experiences to enact effective policy and change. 

Mike Mayou next to podium at event


Mike is committed to making our community safe for everyone.

Mike is dedicated to working with local entities, coalitions, and individuals to promote this goal. Between making sure our sidewalks and streets are accessible to all individuals, making certain everyone has a safe place to call home, and working with March for Our Lives to reduce gun violence across the US, Mike has already worked on initiatives to make our city safe and accessible to all.

Mike Mayou and supporters on march


Mike is committed to the future of Duluth.

As a lifelong Duluthian, Mike has been involved and active in his community and will take public input seriously regarding every action and step he takes. Mike is dedicated to Duluth and is ready to help our community grow into the future.