We must ensure Duluth is a city where everyone can thrive

Mike Mayou at Campaign Event


Responsive leadership for Duluth’s Second District.

I was born and raised in a union family in Duluth and graduated from East High School and UMD with degrees in Management Information Systems & Marketing.

I’m proud to call Duluth home. Our great parks and trails, our strong sense of community, and our unrivaled access to Lake Superior are just some of the things I love about Duluth.

As your city councilor, you can count on me to bring passion and energy to the job and to work in community with you and others throughout the 2nd City Council District.

Let’s work together to make sure Duluth is a place where everyone can thrive, both now and in the future.

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Responsive Leadership

I’m eager to work collaboratively with Duluthians in every neighborhood across our district- from Kenwood to Endion and Chester Park to Congdon. As a community organizer, I’ve been inspired to bring people together from across the spectrum to achieve mutual goals to help benefit our city and people. I’m ready to listen, learn, and engage to best represent you on the Duluth City Council.

Environmental Justice

We have less than a decade to take unprecedented steps to fundamentally transform our society and save our planet. Fossil fuel companies are doubling down on dirty energy, while marginalized communities face the majority of consequences from pollution, chemical runoff, and carbon emissions. The future of our city — and of our planet — requires that we take meaningful action to address climate change. I will fight to protect our environment and move our economy to transform our city. Duluth can be a leader in combating our climate crisis in the midst of inaction and regulatory rollbacks taking place at the federal level.

Affordable Housing

Duluth is a city people love to live in, but it’s at risk of being a place where people are displaced due to rising costs of rent and a lack of housing options. The average Duluth worker would need to work 75 hours a week to afford a two-bedroom apartment in our city. We must find ways to improve our housing stock and increase density in a way that doesn’t displace community members or decrease access to green spaces. I believe housing is a human right and we need to make sure everyone has access to affordable housing.


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Mike (he/him pronouns)

Background- Mike grew up in a union household in Duluth and became active in the community at a young age. He currently lives with his partner, Melissa, in the Chester Park neighborhood in Duluth.

Lifelong Duluthian- Mike is a graduate of Duluth Public Schools and the University of MN Duluth, having majored in Marketing and Management Information Systems. He currently works at UMD in Admissions Marketing and at Duluth Public Schools in the Technology Department.

Community Involvement- As a kid, Mike began attending union meetings with his dad, who works as a letter carrier. Mike has helped organize and lead efforts in Duluth to preserve postal services, support our public schools, and to combat gun violence. He currently serves on the City of Duluth Community Development Committee, which makes recommendations for how to spend federal dollars that Duluth receives to support community members who are struggling economically.

Photographer- In his spare time, Mike engages in photography, mainly capturing landscape and nature stills. You can check out his work here.


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