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Let’s continue moving Duluth forward–together!


Together we can continue shaping a Duluth that uplifts the voices of all.

I’m running to make our city government open and accessible to all so that we can continue to make Duluth an inclusive city that is full of opportunity for future generations.


  • Environmental- Keep current and future generations in mind when making decisions. We need to assess long term impacts as Duluth moves forward.
  • Economic- Working to make sure that everyone across economic levels can afford to work and live in our city.


  • Expanding the reach of public transportation.
  • Ensuring streets, sidewalks, and bike lanes are safe.
  • Bridging college campuses to the community.
  • Ensure that everyone has access to job opportunities.
  • Duluth being a welcome community for all new residents.


  • Reaching out to voters across the city, East to West, that are rarely included. Expanding the conversation and ensuring that all voices are at the table.

Meet Mike

Mike (he/him pronouns)

Community organizer- March for Our Lives, We Are One March, Duluth for Education Levies, Duluth Tennis, Camp Wellstone Certified.

Lifelong Duluthian- Mike is a Duluth Public Schools graduate and current student in the Labovitz School of Business and Economics at UMD studying Marketing and Management Information Systems.

What Mike does in his free time- Mike loves exploring nature, often with his camera in hand, is a huge fan of the local and Indie music scene, and volunteers his spare time helping multiple local organizations.


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