My name is Mike Mayou.

I’m a community organizer, proud product of a union family, and a lifelong Duluthian — and I’m ready to fight for our future.

Like nearly one in three Duluthians, I was born into a world on the brink of climate chaos. In my lifetime, I’ve seen the greed of fossil fuel executives divide workers and community members while they take in record profits.

I’ve also lived in a world with climate activism — working families, young people, and affected communities have risen up to take back our future.

Our city deserves leaders who see all of us in the future they are fighting for.

It’s time the young people who have been handed a world wrecked by greedy corporations had a say in the future of our city. We need leaders who have fought for a city where everyone can thrive — with Earned Sick and Safe Time, a Homeless Person’s Bill of Rights, and legislation that reigns in industrial polluters.

Duluth is ready for bold, progressive leadership.

Today, I’m asking for you to vote for the future of our city. One where we bring a Green New Deal to Duluth, guarantee housing for all our residents, and fight for all workers to afford their lives, starting with a $15 minimum wage.

That’s the future I’m fighting for. Will you join me?

Mike Mayou
DFL-endorsed City Council At-Large Candidate



A Fair Economy for Working Families

  • Raising the minimum wage to a living wage for all Duluth residents.
  • Ensuring strong public education and implementation of the Earned Sick and Safe Time ordinance.
  • Supporting the creation of union, carbon-neutral jobs in Duluth and our region that guarantee a livable wage.


Affordable Housing

  • Creating a Duluth Affordable Housing Trust Fund and requiring new developments receiving city assistance have a minimum % of affordable units upon completion.
  • Passing city-wide protections for renters.
  • Improving our housing stock and increasing density in a way that doesn’t displace community members or decrease access to green spaces.

Environmental Justice

  • Opposing all investments in dirty energy.
  • Bringing a Green New Deal to Duluth.
  • Protecting the rights of our lake, watershed, and surrounding ecosystem.

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